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Glass kettle vs. Zojirushi for tea?

comestible | Jan 16, 2008 11:30 AM

I make a lot of tea daily, most by the gongfu method (many short steeps, lots of leaf). I was seriously considering a hot water dispensing pot like Zojirushi makes, where you can set multiple temperatures.

But the owner of my local tea shop discouraged me, because he said they take awhile to come to a boil, and then they need to cool to your programmed temp, and he also said they're kind of sloppy in use.

He suggested a Capresso glass kettle because: they boil faster, and you can train yourself to stop the heating when the bubbles are the right size for different temps, and you can pour neatly from them.

What do you folks think? Anyone own a Capresso? I still need some answers: Do they boil as fast as most other electric kettles? Do they have a "keep warm" or "keep hot" setting, so they don't cool all the way down between steeps? Any other comments?


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