Glass Jars vs. FresherLonger Miracle Food Storage containers


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Glass Jars vs. FresherLonger Miracle Food Storage containers

rworange | Aug 27, 2006 06:13 PM

Will SLICED strawberries really last 2 weeks?

Will my organic bread be bakery fresh 10 days from now?

Will baked chicken taste oven-licious and not get that next day fowl flavor?

Stay tuned ... and a word to the wise ... never ask a street vendor the price of a flat of strawberries.

I bought the starter set yesterday. The only food duking it out with the glass jars will be strawberries. I am also testing to see how other foods not candidates for glass jars storage keep in the FresherLonger (FL) containers.

The FL containers have “containers are infused with silver nanoparticles because silver (yes, the metal found in silverware) is safe and naturally anti-germ, anti-mold and anti-fungus.”

This makes it different that some of the other containers with silicon locking systems and is what interested me.

Here’s what is in the first test group

- Whole strawberries (also a comparison group in glass jars)
- Sliced strawberries (glass jar also)
- slices of organic oatmeal applesauce bread
- sliced beef (no poultry yet)

I decided on organic bread so it wasn’t just the preservatives in the bread keeping it fresh. This is the type of bread that becomes croutons the next day.

As soon as I use up the beef, I’m trying chicken. That would be really exciting if a sliced up Thanksgiving turkey could be stored for a while in the fridge without turning funky.

If these work, I might be really interested in the milk container to see if it keeps milk for a significantly longer time.

These are pricy little containers. I misread the Sharper Image online catalog. The starter set is $29.95, not $11.95 ... that’s just for the three year warranty ... right ... I’m going to take out a warranty on a plastic container ... AND THEY ARE small .. real small.

Two containers could fit about a half of a sandwich, another four slices of bred with a little space left over. The large container did fit about three dozen whole strawberries and it has a little tray on the bottom to allow water to drain from veggies.

No kidding about these being good for diets. There are four locks on each side of the container and it takes a while to get these open ... it doesn’t just keep air out, it keeps people out.

I was thinking about buying the containers. Getting out of my car at home, I made eye contact with a street vendor rolling by with flats of strawberries.

“How much”, I asked

“Fifteen dollars”, he said

“No, thank you though”


“Maybe next time”

“Ten. Beautiful strawberries from Salinas”

At this point I was afraid if I kept going, he was going to pay me for the berries. So I bought a flat which he carried to the kitchen for me. I love my neighborhood ... potato chips, tamales and other goodies delivered to my door and now a flat of strawberries.

I hate haggling too. I really didn't want the berries.

They are really nice fresh strawberries too. There are really A LOT of strawberries in a flat and only two people in the house. I heard the call of the FL.

It seemed like a sign from the food gods. I've never seen a strawberry vendor before and what are the chances that one will be rolling by as I'm getting out of the car.

Will let you know how it goes.

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