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Glass Cooktop Canner/Stock Pot

yddeyma | Aug 18, 201306:41 PM

I posted a week or so ago about a new glass cooktop (not induction, just regular glass/ceramic) that I was having trouble figuring out. My day to day cooking has worked out and the cooktop and I are slowly learning to get along together. However, I am still having some issues with my water bath canning and bringing a large stockpot back to full boil.

Here are the facts:
1) I have a 12 qt metal stockpot, material and manufacturer unknown (its shiny like stainless), with a base of some other material (you know, they stuck another ply on at the bottom).

2) 2 gallons of water takes 25 minutes to bring to a full boil (212 degrees by thermometer)

3) When adding 5 half pint and 1 pint glass mason jars full of room temperature (75 degree) water to the rolling boil stock pot, it takes 7 minutes to return to rolling boil.

4) Cooktop starts to smell like burning plastic when I get it this hot.

5) Cooktop manual indicates canning is fine, but to use a flat bottomed canner and use the largest element.

6) I cook mostly jams/jellies, corn on the cob, and occasionally (1-2/year) make stock with this pot.

I think, since this is my last existing cheap-o pot from when i started getting nice things, I'd like to invest in a good 12 qt stock pot. If I read the manual right, copper is best, but aluminum would be a cheaper alternative, is this right? Also, it seems like you can get pots that are clad or "plied" all the way up the sides vs. those that are only on the bottom. Maybe for this one pot I should invest in something that is fully clad?

Any suggestions on brand/model? I think I will stick with the 12 qt size, I just want to get a little better performance since I decided to stick with the cooktop.....

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