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Giving up and getting a pressure cooker


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Giving up and getting a pressure cooker

MyKitchen | Jul 27, 2012 03:28 PM

I am chalking it up to our crappy water (even after filtering, so it seems) and giving up on trying to rehydrate beans, etc., by soaking, stovetop, and/or slow cooker. I am ready to invest in a good pressure cooker, but I don't want a live grenade on the stove. I am willing to invest heavily *as long as I get the safest model available*. So far, I've been able to surmise that the materials used (go for stainless steel), handles, and valves are all key. It seems like Kuhr Rikon and WMF - both pricy - are the best made. Is there anything that makes one better (read: safer) than the other? I'm still a little scared of these things but willing to give it at try at this point.


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