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ginger parfait/liqueur

curiousbaker | May 25, 2005 10:54 AM

So I'm having a big dinner Friday night and I had planned the following dessert: a frozen ginger parfait (in the traditional sense of egg yolks whipped with sugar syrup, spiked with a good dose of liquor, then whipped cream folded in and the whole frozen, not in the American sense of layer of ice cream and something else), layered in a loaf pan with thin slices of gingerbread to form a terrine, plated with slices of ginger-poached pear and fried shredded ginger. Sounds nice, yes? Except that I can't find Canton ginger liqueur to save my life (or at least my dessert). I can only find Leroux and Hiram Walker ginger brandies, brands which I normally avoid like the plague. Does anyone know if one of these is actually okay? I will be using chopped candied ginger and ginger syrup in the parfait, but the liquor is not usually considered optional - it keeps the parfait from freezing too hard. I don't want to ruin the flavor with something crassly artificial tasting.

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