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Ginger Carrots Dressings

Ginger carrot salad dressing


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Ginger carrot salad dressing

Deb Van D | Mar 23, 2001 07:54 PM

There was a query posted on this last summer, but without result, and I thought I might importune you all once again. I have a friend who wants to recreate this salad dressing found in Japanese restaurants (Hm, sounds like, "Doc, my friend has this pain..."--okay, so I'd like to make it, too). It has grated carrots, ginger, rice wine vinegar....I dunno, ground toasted sesame seeds...? I don't think that it has any oil. Miso? She remembers loving it at Souen, macrobiotic on Sixth.

HELP! I owe her a favor. Of course, I'll give you the credit.


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