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Gina Marie's -- abysmal service


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Gina Marie's -- abysmal service

dolores | Oct 2, 2005 06:05 AM

That's it for Gina Marie's, I'm done. Oh, by the way, the owner doesn't care.

Last time there, the entrees came while we were eating salad (shades of La Manda), and were sent back to be brought out later.

Last evening, I 'specifically' requested that the entrees not be served until we were done with the salad and asked NOT to be rushed. Right off the bat, the salad came before the appetizer. We put it aside, since we are accustomed to the appetizer before the salad. When questioned, the waiter replied 'oh that's how the ticket is put in'. 20 minutes later, we had our appetizer.

I finished my salad, but my husband was still eating his, and guess what is brought out? You guessed it, the entrees. I lost it.

The customer is always right? Not at Gina Marie's. The waiter argued that I said I wanted the entree after I was finished with the appetizer. When I asked if he knew what this would do to his tip, he gave me an 'I couldn't care less' face.

I called over the owner. He questioned the waiter and again the waiter lied about what I requested and noted that I was finished with my salad. The owner quizzed my husband (a nicer person than I) and he said that he was finished with his salad (it was still on the table).

I didn't touch my dinner. Not another word from either waiter or owner. My husband enjoyed his food.

On a bill of $92. for an appetizer and two entrees (too expensive by half), the waiter asked at dessert if we wanted a drink on the owner. The espressos were taken off the bill. Too little, too late.

Comparable food can be found elsewhere. Obviously, he won't miss our patronage since the place was mobbed.

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