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Gifted nonstick roasting pan with rack- unsure what to do


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Gifted nonstick roasting pan with rack- unsure what to do

HungryHoya | Nov 16, 2012 07:40 AM

I was recently given a nonstick roasting pan with rack from my soon-to-be MIL. She is very sweet and wanted to make sure we had a Thanksgiving here even though we cannot be with family this year. She has asked in the past if we needed things, needed cookware, etc., and we would always downplay it because 1.) we live in a small apartment and only want things we absolutely need and 2.) I am a little particular with cookware. I avoid nonstick, or at least cheap nonstick without any sort of information about what makes it nonstick or where it came from (I have food allergies so if we use a nonstick pan it has to be exclusively used with food safe for me, since the coating can harbor particles of allergens that make me sick). I am trying not to overwhelm them with information about my allergies/preferences, since food allergies already are confusing for people who have not had to deal with them.

Anyway, the roasting rack we received is by Tools of the Trade, made in Indonesia, and is nonstick with a nonstick rack with it. There is absolutely no information about what makes the surface nonstick. It says that it is oven safe up to 450 degree, which makes sense, but I am concerned about regulating that carefully since most turkey recipes are right around that temp. Also, I am concerned about the rack rubbing up against the pan and flaking off the nonstick. It says not to use metal utensils with it, but how is the nonstick-coated metal putting pressure in the same 4 tiny places any safer?

Does anyone have any thoughts about the safety of this nonstick rack inside nonstick pan situation?

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