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G.G. Mora's Grilled Cheese

rick w | Jan 1, 2005 11:43 AM

The story so far: GG Mora, an avid Chowhound, posted an unusual grilled cheese sandwich creation in early December, 2002. Dolce Gorgonzola cheese, dijon mustard, cranberry sauce (fresh, from scratch) laced with candied ginger, candied orange and candied lemon peel, all grilled on some "nice artisanal farm bread."
I, the curious one, had never heard of "artisanal farm bread" or any kind of "gorgonzola" cheese, much less "dolce." By Spring of 2004, it was time to get educated, and I posted on Chowhound and got a reply from GG.
Found several varieties of crusty, fresh artisan bread at Albertson's. They have become a favorite.
You can't find actual "dolce gorgonzola" just anyplace!!! Supermarkets do not carry that variety (not in Florida, anyway). I love a challenge. I called the biggest food distributor in Florida. No luck. I scoured the phone books every time I visted a larger city in central Florida. Even Orlando's delis and cheese shops couldn't help me. Our local Italian deli could not order it. Finally, on a vist a few weeks ago to Tampa, I hit the phone book and went down possibilities. Paydirt! European Gourmet, Highway 60, Brandon, FL, carried the stuff. And what a marvelous find of a specialty deli! And so friendly!
So, I could finally try this grand grilled cheese.
With butter on the inside, butter on the outside, we put our first try on the George Foreman grill and closed the lid.
My review: It really was good. The Dolce Gorgonzola is mild and creamy. I have tried it now with and without dijon mustard. I can do without the mustard. Yes, it was worth waiting 2 years for, and as soon as I buy another loaf of Potato Rosemary artisan bread, I'm going to make it again, and use up the remainder of this batch of ingredients. I've got a bag of fresh cranberries in the freezer, to create this recipe later in the year when cranberries are unavailable. It is definitely a "make-again."

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