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GG Mora's "Celestial" Braised Short Ribs-- report


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GG Mora's "Celestial" Braised Short Ribs-- report

EMDB | Mar 20, 2004 08:42 PM

I've been on a short ribs kick this winter, and have been looking at the various red wine braise and asian flavors braise techniques in the Fine Cooking, NYT, Boston Globe, and other food publications pages, but I only today got around to trying this recipe that GG so kindly posted in early December-- here's the original post:


I ran short of time and ingredients and varied it as follows, since I didn't read the recipe carefully enough to start and ran out of time. I skipped the balsamic vinegar at the end, since I was out. I trimmed some of the external fat from the short ribs before browning them, since in my house, the DH is definetely Jack Sprat, and I am the opposite, the fattier the better. This morning, I pre-salted/peppered/powdered rosemaried the meat and then put it back on a dish in the fridge to dry a little-- they were in there about 5 hours. (I've been on a pre-salting, air-drying in the fridge kick with meats lately.) I then cooked the braise according to directions, except that I had to do it in two pots since my 4.5 quart le creuset and my Kmart Martha Stewart 10 inch saute pan were both too small to accomodate all the ingredients at the beggining. At one hour, things had reduced enough that I could put everything in the le crueset in one layer. ( I knew I needed the biggest size dutch oven for a reason.) At two hours, I ladled some of the braising liquid into my fat separator, and poured the defatted liquidback in. I probably got about a cup of fat from the whole process. I think I ladled/poured/defatted for about twenty minutes, with the braise bubbling away the whole time. At two hours thirty minutes, with "when's dinner?" ringing in my ears, I took the meat out, strained out the vegetables with a slotted spoon, and reduced the liquid by about a third. While the liquid was reducing, I took a hint from one of GG's follow posts and removed the meat from the bone, cut away the globs of pure fat so the DH wouldn't get totally grossed out, and cut the meat into bite size chunks. Once the liquid was reduced, I added the vegetables and meat back into the pot, let it bubble to re-warm, and then turned off the heat. I served it with pureed cauliflower, since I'm trying to eat lower carb (although the dates alone probably pushed me over my day's limit), and it was excellent. The dates really add something to the braising liquid, and complement the richness of the meat perfectly. I used a non-oaky sangiovese for the braising and accopmanying wine. The DH didn't think it was greasy at all, and slurped it all down in silence, except for a "are you going to finish that?" as I was getting full with my portion.

I'm really looking forward to the leftovers tomorrow. Thanks, GG!

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