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German Knife + Japanese Technique = Best of Both Worlds!

jbyoga | Jan 6, 200809:11 AM

Allright - I'm gonna introduce a twist here, my beloved Wusthoffs are sharpened in the Japanese style and have been for 20 years....

I bought them for a Japanese cooking job I had when I was 19 - my head chef taught me how to 're-edge' them by placing a good whetstone ( coarse to start then medium/fine) on the center divider of a kitchen sink and run a thin stream of water on to the stone (place a kitchen towel under the stone) while holding the knife at the correct angle and 'slicing' in a long arc either towards or away from you depending on which side you want to have the 'edge'.

(you'll have to use some pressure for sure to re-edge)

I have been EXTREMELY happy with my Wusthoff 8 inch chef and use it 90% of the time - again for 20 years - and I expect to pass it to my grandkids. I touch it up with a diamond rod and it will shave like a straight razor.

I'd recommend whichever way you like your knives that you become friends with your local sushi/Japanese chef and ask for a lesson on sharpening - it isn't very difficult and you won't have to send your knives away! I've attached photos and you will see the 'flat side' and the 'edged' side and my trusty $10 diamond rod - happy sharpening!

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