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General Overall Top Chef Observations --really long!


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General Overall Top Chef Observations --really long!

asiansensation007 | Sep 13, 2007 09:39 PM

I have been wanting to post this for a while. As a spectator I have watched the drama unfold and its interesting now that we are in the third season to compare chefs and notice general trends that come about.

Personally, I love this season's cast of characters. They seem much more cohesive, less petty and seem to genuinely care about one another. I mean, after every elimination, they applaud one another. They seem upset whenever anyone has to go (minus Howie). They seem to be tighter overall than any other cast. Season 1 was close too, but it was more like certain individuals (the "cool" kids) such as the Harold/Lee Anne/Dave clique with Stephen as the nerd you're nice to in private but won't be seen dead with in public lol. Now as for season 2, I think they would have shanked each other in thier sleep if they would of thought they could of gotten away with it... The petty fighting/tattling got old quick. Even the judges seem to like season 3's maturity and overall synergy more.

For some reason, I thought Padma was so cute during the breakfast quickfire! She was tickling CJ and jumping up and down--it was a departure from the "professional" and "serious" Padma we are accustomed to seeing from behind the table. I thought her comments as a solo judge were execellent. She wasnt out to embarrass the contestents or belittle thier efforts. Geez, they were just drug out of bed for goodness sake. I can barely find the refridgerator in the morning no less be able to assemble a gourmet meal in 20 minutes. Even with Brian's gritty shake, she didnt make some snarky comment, she just asked a rather beneign question.

On the other hand, I think that Mike Yakatora (sp?) was the snarkiest judge I've seen--and he's made multiple appearances (Season 1 and 2) and each time he was somewhat of a jerk, belittling people, telling them to go away...You're not anthony dont try to be. He was not cool and I would never eat in his kitchen after watching the way he treated those chefs.

Yeah, Madonna's bro was the southern hind parts of a horse, but he wasnt a judge...

As for Anthony Bourdain...well, he's Anthony Bourdain. Personally, I love him, and when we're talking about a person such as him, thats just it, you either love or hate him. But the chefs seem to respect him and even excited to cook for him and even though his comment are snarky, you kind of just expect it and they really are funny. Honestly, its kind of like your older brother making fun of you...totally cruel and heartless but underneath it all he still loves you.

As for the contestants themselves, I think we can agree that Sarah (the Jamacian) is the most jilted contestent in TC And Casey is the humble recipient of her bad luck. An iMac and First Class tickets. The only thing better would of been if she would have won the trip to Italy. But essentially she did, minus one ticket cause she could fly there with the "boys" and heck they're probably back in economy sawing through pieces of shoeleather meat while shes in first class getting loaded on wine and veal medallians....
Oh yeah, and Tre, but at least he will be sipping wine in the shadow of the Parthanon...and really no matter who wins, I think TC was a huge "win" for Tre because the world now knows who he is and the level of maturity and professionalism in which he operates. I think he's gunna be OK in the industry from now on.

But while we're on Casey, I think she my favorite TC of all...I dont think she necessarily the most talented ever but she is so sweet, encouraging and always helping people out. I figure Lea was the same way, and that is why they were so close, we as viewers never got to see the full extent of Lea and her personality. I just really like Casey as a person. Her resemblence to a younger Jennifer Aniston is striking...
Now as for Betty, she came off all bubbly and happy but for some reason I never trusted her. I'm sure she is a nice "motherly" person and all, but I was always a bit suspicious of her. These suspicians weren't in vain after I saw her completely morph into something nasty in the TGI Fridays challenge...Casey just seems so even keel. One of my favorite moments ever in Top Chef wasnt even really a scene, but when the contestants thought they were going out for a night in Miami and then the limo made a sudden turn towards Padma, I think it was Casey voice that screamed "No! Turn around!!" lol that comment made me laugh.
I like Elia too, and I think she also is gorgeous (why did she cut that beautiful hair *sob*) but she was a little head shaving anyone? She was so emotional all the time (cue the hand fanning) but i loved her for it and her accent was so cute.

Finally, i think mikey "midgely" was the most endearing non-cooking person. Honestly, for a TGI Fridays line cook, i was amazed at some of the stuff he threw together. Yeah, he lasted way longer then he should of, but all the contestents seemed to like him and he seemed like alot of fun.

These were just random observations and I have more, but for the sake of carpal tunnel, i'll stop. Any others??

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