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General rest. advice from "tourists" for want of better word

yebo | Jan 20, 2008 05:55 AM

I'm an enjoying and sometimes posting member of the Manhattan board. I'm confused by the large to me number of -- I'm in nY for 2 days, what's best - or, critique my choice of pizza place - posts.

I don't see the role of the boards as bein perfecting people's travel plans. In the olden days, we read guide books, made our choice, and learned from our experience. Too much to ask?

I am amazed that people respond in such a giving way -- since to me, most of these clog the boards, these are people who rarely contribute by posting feedback -- maybe they should be asked to -- and often seem to know little. The general advice to posters @ beginning of board is not, clearly, read and/or responded to.

Sure I can hit the delete button and often do, but sometime it takes reading the 1st part of the post to see if I want to.

Yet- a few are productive - e.g. the recent katz's inquiry.

And the internet is permeable.

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