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How geeked up are *you* for Thanksgiving?


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How geeked up are *you* for Thanksgiving?

boagman | Nov 22, 2009 06:15 PM

I have to admit that I love, love, love Thanksgiving's food. Even more than the Big Meal itself, I am an absolute addict for the wonderful simplicity of leftover turkey sandwiches: good bread, with Miracle Whip, lettuce (iceberg is fine), good tomato if possible (but very optional, too), and then about a 2/3 ratio of dark meat to 1/3 of white meat on the sandwich...nirvana. AND NONE OF THAT CHEESE CRAP TO MESS IT ALL UP!

I mean, sure: I really love the Big Meal itself. What's not to love? But it truly is the sandwiches that fly me to the moon. I usually end up having at least one before the actual day is up, and then it's several days of glory, followed by the inevitable ennui of returning to "lesser" sandwich ingredients.

Bonus multiplied: my sister-in-law is doing the dinner this year, so I get to take home some bird without the normally associated hassle of the dinner! Perhaps I'll bring the rolls or something. Oh! Yes! The *rolls*! I *need* those for the sandwiches!

Mental note recorded. Thursday can't come soon enough, folks.

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