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Gave Caffe Angeli another chance, pretty darn good! (long)

Diana | Aug 27, 200512:17 PM

We went last night at 7:30. It was pretty darn good, but we had a different waiter, too, because, I believe, when i made the reservation, I told them about my horrible experience the last timw.

It was still a more "eventful" meal than I expected.

We ordered the Heirloom Tomato gaspacho and the beet and mozzarela salad off the special menu to share(forget the name of the salad) . I asked about nuts in the gaspacho, as I know they are often included. We'd brought our own beer.

Bread hit the table quickly, and our glasses came swiftly as well. The appetizers came out, looking yummy, and I dug into the beets whilst my fianceecrowed about the gaspacho. The waiter came back looking worried. I thought he was checking in, but he nervously announced, biting his fingers, that the beets had invisible nuts all over (beet juice does that). oop! He stuttered, "you didn't ask about the beets, so neither did I!" He was right, and in fact, I had not tol him WHY I asked. "Uh-oh, I'm alergic to nuts!"

"Do you want to go to the hospital."

I was upset not at him, but at the situation. It wasn't his fault. But dammit, I wanted a GOOD meal at Angeli- and darn Kaiser charges so much for emergency fees.

After some thought, my fiancee causually asked if I had any antihistimine. I rifled my prse, and came up empty. Usually, that can work, if I haven't consumed a lot of nut (I hadn't), if I also drink a crapload of caffine, and if I cusion nut with a ton of bread.

"Does that work?" the waiter asked, "I'll send someone out to get some right now! I ordered the bread and some diet coke, which came to the table quickly and often. The sudafed arrived in about five minutes, and I popped some.

We waited for a few...my throat got itchy, but the sudden rash never happened. So I drank more coke, ate more bread and ordered eggplant croquettes, which came fast, although the bald waiter, Marco, who was NOT ours brought them out and tried to give them to another table, then tried to take them back to the kitchen. Marco served us the last, disasterous time. Avoid Marco.

The corquettes were yummy. Sometime we had ordered main courses (i forget when, with all the excitement), and they came out. My fiancee had the double pizza, and I had the salmon special(wild caught) a side of the special veggies and lots of bread. My throat was tight, but otherwise, beyond the buzzing of a beginnig headache, I was fine. I drank more diet coke.

The double pizza was yummy (I had a taste), and the veggies, which were a corn thing and a zuccini thing, were great. I have to say, the salmon was overcooked. salmon should be cooked just to opaquenss, not to flakyness. This salmon was flakier than my old high-school science teacher. But I have to say, it tasted great. Cooked properly, it would have been smashing, a drop-dead piece of fish. I actually mourn what the salmon could have been.

Still, it was a great meal. The waiter checked on us a zillion times, and we provided entertainemnt in some form to our fellow diners.

The check came out. Now, we had a KCRW gift certificate from the February drive, and it covered dinner for two up to $75. Looking at the check, we should have ordered more! Of course, the waiter didn't charge us $15 corkage, as often doesn't happen if you bring beer (Evan is a beer fan) and probably also if you scrape by death, I imagine. The bread was also free, as was the sudafed (of course, but it was a fabulous thing to do!)

With two appetizers, the croquettes, the pizza, the salmon, the side of veggies, all the coke and my coffee, and tax, the meal cost some pocket change over $60. The gift certificate didn't cover tax or tip, so we left the tax and a massive tip on the table and headed out.

Now, did get a headache that evening and felt pretty icky (nuts, eew)..but I felt that I'd had a great time, and was happy to see my experience was a one-time thing.

I know it wasn't due to the nut incident, as service and food before it happened was great. Of course, it was AMAZING afterwards, but I really don't advise repeating it. I certainly don't want to, and will remember to tell people every single time WHY I'm asking about nuts.

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