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Gas Range without exterior exhaust?

pletty | Oct 15, 2009 07:36 PM

Can anyone tell me if I can install a pro-style range without exterior exhaust? I've been in the market for a range ever since I melted a large plastic lid in my 18yr old kenmore gas range (i won't go into the oven-fire details!) and haven't used it since. I don't want to burn off the plastic in my house, and don't feel like disconnecting the propane and trying to rig it up the range outside to burn it off out there, and besides, two of the burners were shot.

I really like the pro style ranges like Bertazonni or American because i don't like all the electronic crap that most cheaper ranges have now. I definitely want continuous grates on the top, and because I hate to clean, probably closed burners. I've been doing extensive baking for years with great results in a regular old gas oven, without convection, so I can take that or leave it.

The problem lies in the fact that I have no exterior exhaust. My current set up has a microwave/fan over the range. The range is on an inside wall of an old brick farmhouse with no easy way to ventilate. Also, the range is exposed on one side. This creates an aesthetic problem with ranges such as the GE Cafe and Monogram, which--can you believe it!-actually are not stainless on the sides! The sides are black according to my local GE dealer. (and they don't come in all white, which i could live with.) For the price of the monogram that is outrageous! And though it's not as offensive as some others... they've got that electronic clock and touchpad that i don't care for.

So, the question is, could I install something like the American Range Pro Style 30" or Bertanzoni without exhaust? Does anyone have any other suggestions? My family wants to know when I'm going to bake again! Thanks!

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