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Have gas prices effected your habits?

Fydeaux | Mar 17, 200807:21 AM

I recently checked out a hamburger place in Milwaukee that has been touted as one of the best in the midwest. I would have checked it out a long time ago, but it is across town (that means something even in Milwaukee), and didnt want to make the trip just to check out a hamburger. Saturday, I found I had some other things to do in the area, so I finally went, and indeed, it was one superb burger.

But I find that I have been doing this a lot recently, and I am wondering if anyone else has had their chow-habits changed by gas prices. (Back in the distant days of the Clinton administration and gas well under $2.00 a gallon, I would have driven to Chicago just to eat at Carson's, and then turn around & come home.) Are you combining trips to restaurants, markets, or bakeries that are off your beaten path with other errands in the area? Are you foregoing them if that would be the sole reason for your trip?

At the same time, are you exploring the chow resources in your own neighborhoods for places that you might have otherwise ignored?

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