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Gas vs Electric

njames3w | Dec 3, 201302:35 PM

I hear all the time that real "cooks" prefer gas stovetops over electric. And I don't get it.

The main reason seems to be that gas burners react instantly when you modulate the heat? That's fine and all, but...

Gas stovetops are flawed. They don't have a "low" setting. I've probably used a dozen over the years and on all of them, even with small burners designed to cook on low, its been like they've had 4 settings. Med-High, High, ultra-High (too hot to cook with), and off. How do you even cook rice on a gas stove? Cooking it with the cover on, never stirring, on the lowest setting just doesn't work on a gas stove!

You also can't turn the burner off and let the food stay warm with just the residual heat....not an option at all on gas stoves.

Any annoyances with using an electric stove are easily dealt with. Don't like how the burner stays hot after you turn it off? Move the food to another burner. Don't like how it takes so long to heat up? Try starting it on high and backing it off as you reach the correct temperature. The key to using an electric stovetop is anticipating temperature fluctuations and needs of the food. When cooking on an electric stovetop, I always have the food at the exact right temperature and I never burn it. On gas its always like medium high or higher, or off, and its impossible for me to cook properly. Way too easy to burn food.

Electric oven is also better....all my baked goods come out PERFECT. Nice and even, not burnt on the bottom or anything.

Gas is also dangerous. Can't tell you how many times at previous houses I'd "turn off" a burner after cooking to have it still slightly on, with me waking up in the middle of the night to the smell of gas in the air. NOT FUN. You also can't set anything on the side of a pot, have to be careful about touching the sides of pots/etc, or you get easily burned. I've never been burned cooking with electric! And it just seems stupid having most of the heat going AROUND the pot and not up into it!

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