Gas or charcoal - advantages and disadvantages


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Gas or charcoal - advantages and disadvantages

Catherine | Jul 25, 2002 11:45 PM

I need a grill. I've always cooked on gas grills, and have been very happy with them. (I have it down nearly to a science, even with multiple steaks of multiple sizes and levels of doneness.) I was planning on getting a gas grill until I saw the Portable Kitchen grill and smoker. Besides being pretty, they're supposedly long-lasting and cook very evenly. And on sale at amazon with free shipping.

I love the way gas grills heat up quickly and cool relatively painlessly, and I've been pleased by the way they cook. Truthfully, I don't have too much experience with charcoal grilling, and my impression is that they take a long time (hour or so) to heat to temperature. As often as I tend to use a grill (2-3x a week cooking for one plus various parties for many), I want to be really happy with what I buy.

Thoughts? Gas or charcoal - which do you prefer and why? Which might suit my needs better? Any experiences here with the beautiful charcoal grill?


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