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Gas burner or electric convection oven more efficient?

amorifera | Jun 14, 201206:55 AM

With the economy the way it is, our family has been trying to save money where we can, without having to sacrifice too much in the way of good food. Since it is possible to cook cheaper cuts of meat, such as brisket, in our enameled cast iron Dutch oven and have it turn out tender and flavorful, we were wondering if it is more economical to cook it on a gas burner on top of the stove at a simmer for 4 hours, or in the electric convection oven at 325° for 4 hours. It seems to me that the stovetop option is probably cheapest, as you're not having to heat a whole oven for that length of time, but maybe not. Either way, is there any perceived difference in the food when cooked one way or the other?

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