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Why is garlic bread such a problem child?


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Why is garlic bread such a problem child?

tatamagouche | Apr 26, 2009 05:04 PM

Why is the garlic bread in your head *so much better* than the garlic bread any restaurant ever serves? My guesses: first of all, we're talking Ital-Amer red-sauce joints, which at their best are heart-swelling ideals, the very picture of all that is good and comfy in the world, but tend far more often to be at their worst. Second, relatedly, I assume garlic bread is an afterthought, a boring given that prep cooks sort of get out of the way early on to then reheat.

But that would be stupid, because the truth is garlic bread is everybody's secret favorite part of the meal. (OK, I'm projecting, but bear with me.) So it should be treated with extra respect.

Anyone else have theories?

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