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What's Up With the Garlic?!?!


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What's Up With the Garlic?!?!

Dev | Dec 23, 2005 08:48 AM

I'm getting very frustrated with the lousy quality of garlic around here lately. I've tried purchasing garlic at Publix, Whole Foods Market AND Fresh Market and none of it has been decent. I try to look for garlic heads that don't look old, shriveled or moldy at the bottom. But still, when I peel back the 'paper', lately, I've been finding either cloves with green shoots (this is the biggest problem) or cloves that just don't look good. I'm in South Florida, btw.

I was sure that it was me -- selecting the wrong garlic -- but now that it's happened multiple times at multiple markets, I'm not so sure. Is there a way to tell that the cloves have sprouted a bit of green without actually breaking the garlic open?

Is anyone else experiencing this around the country? Did something happen to the garlic in Gilroy and surrounding area that's produced a bad batch lately, like our hurricanes that hurt the citrus & tropical fruit industry here? Or is it that the produce buyers in SoFla are getting slim pickings?

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