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Two gardens, amazing difference

EWSflash | May 12, 2012 06:33 PM

I claimed a little half-plot in our community garden at work. They've been composting (three bins), growing things in the beds, and finally decided to give employees a chance to garden there. Well. I planted some sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, some serrano chiles, nasturtiums, and a row of jerusalem artichokes. They have a great volunteer there and he and the grounds crew supervisor know a lot about gardening. I split the starts I got between home and woirk. The work garden plants were pretty puny for about a month. I kept on using Eleanor's VF-11 as a foliar spray, once a week, and at the beginning, the home tomatoes grew faster and threw out tomatoes faster. However, after it warmed up, I noticed that my work garden plants had blown up and looked superior to the ones, athome, which had begun bearing earlier. I think that using the VF11 is the reason my tomatoes at work stripped out the ones at home. It's easy to put some vf11 in a foliar sprayer, go to the garden, fil it with water, and spray them, I'm pretty sure that the VF11 is the key to my work garden's incredible growth. They were the puniest for a few weeks. I've heard that VF11 is deficient in an ingredient, but I would have to say that in the crappy Arizona soil, VF11 is an amazing addition to one's fertilizing repertoire.

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