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Gambero Rosso Carbonara choices?

Pappardelle | Apr 7, 2008 12:41 AM

Hi Chowhounds,

Has anyone read this article in the Times about the best carbonara in Rome? http://tiny.cc/QfkfV

In addition to articulating some interesting sociological dynamics about Roman kitchens, it establishes L'Arcangelo and Antico Forno Roscioli as having the best Carbonara in Rome. What do you think about the choices?

At home I like to make carbonara with Hazan's recipe but don't usually get it at restaurants, because I like to order things I wouldn't necessarily make at home. Although Hazan always lists pancetta as ingredients, this article says that is a "no no." I also read in another Times article that guanciale should be used in amatriciana. (This was echoed by one of the men at La Tradizione where I buy my cured meats). I figured the new guanciale craze in American restaurants had a lot to do with the fact that it was banned for so long.....

I knew that guanciale tended to be used for amatriciana but thought pancetta was used for carbonara....Also, what about all gricia?

If pancetta is used in these dishes, does this mean it is definitely an inferior dish/restaurant? When should pancetta be used? Frankly, I have thought all along that pancetta tastes pretty darn good! Guanciale is great too, and I feel like I need to use less of it because of its richness, which I like.

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