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Fusion coq au vin

Louise Z. | Apr 21, 2004 10:46 AM

Did anybody besides me try the Florence Fabricant fusion coq au vin recipe from last week's NYT Dining In (or was it Out) section? Although the idea was intriguing the result was disappointing but promising. I think I used the wrong kind of dried Chinese black mushrooms. The Asian market I went to in Chinatown here in DC had a million kinds of dried mushrooms. I asked for help and was directed to a package (costing about 2 bucks) of very large flat brownish mushrooms. I can't recall the name on the package but the directions were alarming and warned of dire consequences if I didn't rinse the mushrooms thoroughly and then boil them for at least fifteen minutes. I did as directed on the package. I also sliced the mushrooms into slivers, although Florence didn't say what to do with them. I had to do something; they were HUGE. In the end, the mushrooms had very little flavor of their own. And the chicken came out tough. But the pinot noir, ginger, garlic, chicken, and smoked bacon combo was good. Any suggestions for making this dish better?

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