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JennaBean | Dec 20, 2011 09:09 AM

We wanted to love this place. The room was warm and cozy on a chilly late fall evening. It was packed with two parties occupying all but two tables in the tiny space.

We sat down and were greeted promptly by Giuseppi wearing his not so clean kitchen apron.

Laid the table, handed over the menus and asked if we'd like some bruschetta before even taking our drink orders. Ummm ok, sure? We both thought it was odd but assumed that this was instead of a typical bread basket. Wrong.

Giuseppi returned a moment later to see if we'd like a drink. We asked about the red wine by the glass, instead of describing it he just bought the bottle to our table for a small taste. Excellent value for money wine with a lot of fruit flavour, good legs and light on the tannins, which is important to me.

We decided on a pizza and an order of the seafood pasta to share.

Shortly after we ordered the bruschetta arrived. It was ok. But the bread didn't have enough olive oil and the toping was fridge cold. I really don't ever enjoy any sort of tomato product fridge cold so I ate one piece and left the other. My bf isn't a big bread eater so he only ate one piece as well so there were two left on the plate.

The pizza arrived quickly and it was a total disappointment. The crust was terrible. Dry, no chew, and no seasoning. It was like eating cardboard. The mushrooms on the pizza has not been pre-cooked in any fashion so were basically raw. The spicy salami was nice but it was let down by the shredded mozzarella. We ate half between the two of us and left the rest.

The pasta arrive within about 10 mins of the pizza and the kitchen at taken the time to split it in two for us - very nice touch.

We had been told that they were sold out of many of the seafood items but that didn't matter to us when we ordered. Well that was a mistake. What we got in terms of seafood where two mushy shrimps, four over cooked scallops and tiny canned baby clams. The tomato sauce was lovely, the pasta, while not house made, was cooked perfectly but both were let down by the terrible quality of the seafood. This was a $17 dish so we didn't expect the moon but it was at best worth $10 at a quick and cheap takeout place.

We decided that we’d had enough of what this place had to offer so we asked for the bill to pay. To our surprise we found that we’d been charged not just for one order but two orders of bruschetta. It was only $8 but I was more than slightly annoyed that the whole thing played out like that. Shame on us for not asking at the beginning when we thought it was odd, but shame on the resto owner for not making it known we were being charged.

The wine was great and the room was cozy but the meal was overall meh at best and the whole bruschetta incident means that it will be a very long time before we even consider a return visit.

EDIT - The BF seemed to think we'd actually been there before but if that's the case I can't recall any of the details.

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