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What's the furthest you've travelled - just for a meal

Harters | Mar 20, 200808:09 AM

Chowhound's FAQ section describes a Hound as someone who "won't hesitate to go far, far out of their way for even slightly better. "

Is it true? How far have you travelled for the SOLE purpose of having a meal?

I'm not talking here about mini-trips and long weekends where you go somewhere nice and have some good meals while you're there. And I'm not talking about making a business trip and eating on your employer

I'm talking about going somewhere just to eat at a particular restaurant at your own expense; eating; perhaps staying overnight if it's a distance.

Mine's a flight Manchester to Amsterdam to eat a rijstaffel at Tempo Doeloe. Flew one day, ate in the evening; flew back next day. Great meal. 90 minute flight - not sure of actual distance, but I claim extra points for needing to have a passport :-)

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