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funny things you have done to make your kid chowish?


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funny things you have done to make your kid chowish?

fara | Mar 13, 2011 08:30 PM

My husband loves food, but was not raised in such a food appreciating family, so I really try and go all out so that my daughter can appreciate all types of food.
From the moment she ate her first solids- sweet potato- her food has been carefully thought out (or intentionally not thought out when I want her to enjoy something trashy like a Five Guys hot dog). Next was her lentil and vegetable soups and fruit purees I brought for the daycare to give her mixed with her cereal. Our main activity at night is cooking. When a friend offered us a play kitchen, we accepted even though it is quite big and what I first thought of was an eyesore. However she now makes "greens and mushrooms" or "soup cake" right alongside me while I cook. I let her dip the chicken or fish in flour or raw egg, making a huge mess in the process. She's eaten almost everywhere with us, including items that are really too expensive for a 2yo to grow fond of like salmon sashimi. Her favorite food outside the house is Indian, I could make something resembling Indian curry for much cheaper but I like exposing her to it.
It's a real hobby for me and fortunately she likes everything except for raw tomatoes and eggplant. What kinds of things have you done that are probably over the top or unnecessary in training your chow kid?

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