Not About Food 147

Funniest thing you seen in a restaurant?

Puffin3 | Mar 4, 2012 07:07 AM

Do you have any funny stories about what you've seen or has happened to you in a restaurant?
I'll start to get the ball rolling. Years ago along the trans Canada hwy in mid Saskatchewan we stopped at a little diner in a dusty farm town. The sign outside said 'Sunday Buffet'. The place was half full of farm families. Men with cowboy hats on. It looked like 'this was the place to take the 'folks' who had moved off the farm into 'town' out for the regular Sunday family meal.
The buffet was your usual 'smorgasbord' under glass with a dozen stainless tubs holding all manner of meat and potato based dishes. These were all sitting on a nice bed of broken up heads of ice berg lettuce heads 'for decoration'. We got in line and chose our items. I didn't see any salads on offer. After sitting down I called the waitress/cashier/server over and asked for a couple of 'side salads'. At first she looked perplexed. Then she smiled and went into the kitchen and came out with two large soup bowls. She went to the buffet and grabbed a few hand fulls of the decorative iceberg lettuce. She brought them to our table with a smile and left. I didn't have the nerve to ask for any dressing.
And one more briefly: We stopped at a restaurant in Cranbrook BC for lunch and parked in the parking lot. As we approached the restaurant door we saw two well used toilets, one on either side of the door. One was pink the other blue. We didn't go in but we got a good photo.

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