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Is there a "funk" in Ritual's coffee?


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Is there a "funk" in Ritual's coffee?

Pei | Sep 13, 2009 10:22 AM

I've always liked Ritual Roasters coffee, though for some reason I've never liked how their beans brewed at home in a french press for me. So at home I drink Peet's or Blue Bottle, but I've never disliked being served Ritual at a restaurant or having it at their cafe.

Recently, my friend said she had Ritual at Salt House several times, then again at a cafe in Oakland (I can't remember the name) and each time there was a funky taste to it. She described it as almost rotten, like spoiled milk. My first reaction was to think maybe they'd let the beans sit too long before using them, but she said she heard Ritual ages their beans because some people like that funky taste.

I have a pretty high tolerance for funny flavors, so I'm probably just not tasting whatever she's tasting. But maybe subconsciously it's why I've never liked Ritual at home. Does anyone know what she's talking about?

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