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Fung's Kitchen Houston (dim sum) report

bishopsbitter | Jan 2, 200810:21 AM

This place was completely mobbed yesterday (Jan 1, 2008) perhaps for the holiday, or perhaps a giant birthday party going on: not sure. We nearly gave up as we took a number predicting a long wait with the lobby totally full of folks, but it was actually only 3 minutes till we were seated (table for 2).

We found ourselves not in pristine dim sum position being on the main entrance-exit avenue where the carts feared (somewhat) to tred often enough.

We started with dumpings (steamed) with light red ginger sauce. Good. Then some smoked pork ear along with a very nice dish (some form of fish with ginger) which I do not really know nor guess what it was.

Some pork buns ~ were OK. But good stuff was being carried to tables from we knew not where. Eventually we realized there was a little buffet setup such that you could take your ticket with you and pick up some stuff there. Not exactly ideal as carrying ticket and 2 dishes was a minor feat. There we had the clams in black bean (good) and some vegetable noodles (fine) along with some conch snails in curry sauce (VERY fine).

Finished with some pot sticker dumplings and some refreshing greens.

Damage (with hot tea) about $50. Not cheap, not terrible.

Overall a good experience but I would be interested if the place just down 59 in Stafford has similar or better variety of foods).

Also spotted on the buffet some highly tempting pork blood cake. If I had had an extra arm I would definitely have opted for that, but there was quite a wait to get food there at times.

Mr & Mrs Fung (I assume) were much in evidence working hard and doing a good PR job that I could see.

The main problem was being just a group of 2. Hard to really savor the full variety as such.

Overall though: recommended, albeit on a single visit (but will be repeated).

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