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Fuloon in Malden:The Home Runs Continue in 2015 (long)

opinionatedchef | Jan 1, 201510:43 PM     16

No recent Fuloon threads that I could find, so I thought I'd start a 2015 one. We had a terrific New Year's Day dinner at Fuloon tonight. It's a bit of a challenge for us, because we don't seem willing to not order our fav dishes, so trying new ones really does throw us into the over-indulgent realm. As neither of us has tolerance for wicked hot food, our favs include a few things that the CH Dragon Mouth contingent
(the vocal majority certainly) would never think of ordering there, but for those of you or your families with less heat tolerance, I hope you might find some of these recs useful.

Tonight I FINally got clear on the differences between 3 noodle dishes that have confused me.
Our fav is
* #11 Noodles w/ Szechuan Spicy Sauce (here aka dan dan noodles)
A big platter of very white vermicelli noodles topped with chili oil, sesame oil, chopped beef, peanuts.
The noodles have this fantastic toothsomeness.

#9 Peking Meat Sauce Noodles use the same white vermicelli but are topped with chopped pork in a thick soybean paste sauce, with bean sprouts and cucumber. Another excellent dish
#8 Szechuan Meat Sauce Noodles are ordinary linguini with julienned pork, carrots and celery. It was fine but boring for us.

Chive Pancakes are scallion pancakes filled with a potent sauteed chinese chives garlic mix. This is a fav of some CHs but we didn't care for it at all.

*Wok Baked Beef was not as good and much saltier than usual, but we can't not order it, because 99% of the time, it is spot-on.
*Mandarin Cabbage with Spicy and Sour was maybe the best I've had there over the years. One bite and instant smile.

The Kan Shue Green Bean CH camp is divided, but after ordering WITH meat tonight, we're going back to the meatless version in the future.

Szechuan Whole Fish was o.k. (usually Tilapia but Diane subbed "Ocean Fish", and whatever it is, I'm just not a fan. Reminded me of frozen fish fingers I once tasted as a child.....
Gen Tso Homestyle Chicken(off menu) is similar to Gen Tso's but is done w/ white meat only and topped w/ pine nuts. The sweet sauce has more depth to it, in flavor and color, so I'm guessing there is more soy sauce present. I seem to have really enjoyed it years ago, but I don't think I'd order it again after tonight.

*#4 Red Bean Pastry was a beautiful thinly layered pastry pancake filled with a sweetened bean puree. (Think a richer, more tender, flaky scallion pie dough.) Served right off the griddle, it was just a lovely way to end the meal.

I learned something tonight that I never knew about. On Th? through Sun, they offer different Market- driven Specials that are displayed across from the Buffet area. It is unclear to me whether this was a more extensive Specials option because of the holidays; I think there may have been 20-30 diff dishes, including butternut squash w/ egg yolks; eel with veg and brown sauce. Wow, how exciting!

Plse add your favs here- esp for new CHs and people who haven't read all about it in old threads.

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