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"Full Slab" of Ribs


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"Full Slab" of Ribs

boltnut55 | Apr 21, 2004 12:07 AM

Hi. Tonight we went out to a nice hotel restaurant for our wedding anniversary, and I ordered a full slab of baby back ribs. When I got my plate, I saw 7 ribs and told the waiter that I ordered the full slab. He looked at my plate and said that was the full slab. When we got the bill, we were charged for the full slab, $16.

But isn't a full slab all 13 ribs? I can't believe that if I ordered a 1/2 slab, they would only give me 4 ribs for $9! What do you think? Is this a discretionary thing? Or did someone make a mistake and I should call the manager to let them know?

I don't mean to just get on this board and vent... I just want to get some opinions to make sure I'm not fretting about something that's not wrong! Thanks!

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