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Fugakyu 7/7/07

ScubaSteve | Jul 10, 2007 06:17 AM

first up was a chef's sashimi selection. a really large platter of sashimi with toro, suzuki, fluke, mackeral and a few other things. all wonderfully fresh and presented with the mackeral frame as garnish.

next up was a martini glass with several nice citrus marinated scallops. texture and flavor wise probably the most interesting scallops i had ever had.

we then got hawaiian yellow shrimps(6). huge, meaty and super fresh. served shelled and whole. a later course feature the heads deep fried and crsipy yummy.

geoduk curtain was the next item. i was told that this was the 'flap' that closes the clam around the perimeter of the shell. this was lightly cooked and slightly sauced with yuzu sauce. the texture and taste would never of led me to think was even seafood. my DC said 'tastes like chicken' although i hate that expression, it kinda did.

next was scallops with foie gras. the very definition of unctious.

we then had some white rolls. i didn't ask what the wrapper was but it was like a an egg roll skin, but it wasn't cooked and had no un-cooked floury taste. inside was tobiko and fluke. interesting colors and tastes.

next was the shrimp heads, deep fried.

paka-lo lo was something i had here before and i really think it has a very 'interesting' appearance (think Cheech and Chong). it's simply a white fish (striper, i think) artfully rolled with nori and sliced to look like a certain plant. interesting and very, very good.

we then had a miso torched local lobster. i was really looking for spiny lobster but it was unavailable. this was one of the most delicate lobster tastes i have ever had. the meat was so lightly cooked that it had a clean 'snap' when bitten. the miso glaze kept it interesting and i did detect a bit of tomally taste (a good thing) in the sauce.

next was a kobe beef sashimi with orange slices. as much as didn't think this was gonna work, it did.

and just because the Sox were on, we finished with the Dice-K roll. and for $18 it was quite a lot of lobster and very yummy.

the cost (not inc tip) with 4 beers and a small bottle of sake was $260 and we were totally stuffed.

Fugakyu hit another home run.

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