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ben39 | Sep 15, 2010 06:21 AM


I am currently looking at buying my first frypan. I am a beginner cook and have been using an old and scratched non-stick teflon pan.

After spending hours researching, it seems cast iron or stainless steel seems to be the way to go. I am interested in quality, not having to buy a $20 pan every 6 months. I am also slightly concerned about non-stick coatings. However, I do have some questions.

1. I like scrambled eggs. Is it easier to buy a smaller non-stick pan for this?
2. With cast iron - if I cook fish for dinner, will my breakfast the following day taste funny?
3. I have read that some acidic foods like tomatoes ruin cast iron. Does this mean I will have to keep re-seasoning?

I was hoping to buy my pan online (, as many are on sale and they are local.

I have considered these -

Le Chasseur Federation Frypan ( - This is enamel coated. Does that mean I still need to season it and is this suitable for stuff likely to stick, like eggs?

Scanpan Classic Frypan 24cm ( - Non-stick, but apparently different from teflon. Does anybody know what newtek ceramic titanium nonstick is?

They also stock All-Cad, but they are more pricey. Is it worth the extra cost? Anything I should know about stainless steel?

I just want a good quality, all-rounder really. Or is there no such thing?

I'm looking at getting 10 inches as I only cook for myself at the moment.

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