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When you fry chicken...


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When you fry chicken...

Pei | Aug 28, 2009 01:43 PM

Does the batter stay pretty pale yellow for awhile, and then turn brown slowly? Or does it kind of turn a medium brown within the first minute of cooking, and then stay that way?

I did everything I was supposed to: soaked the chicken in buttermilk overnight, let the whole tub sit out for about an hour so the chicken wasn't freezing cold, tossed the pieces in flour, and put into oil heated to 350 degrees (about an inch or so of it).

By about the three minute mark, the chicken was so brown bits of it were black. As in, completely inedible. I cooked the other side, took the whole thing out, let it sit out to cool for five minutes, and of course cut into a bloody center.

What am I doing wrong? My oil was new, I didn't let the oil go over 375 or under325. Should I try putting the chicken in when the oil is at 325 or 340? I know I shouldn't go much lower.

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