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Frustrated...Fagor Duo Pressure cooker and things are not going well


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Frustrated...Fagor Duo Pressure cooker and things are not going well

sandi114 | Mar 5, 2013 08:31 PM

So I've got my new pressure cooker after years of using a Lagostina which operated at lower pressure. Interestingly, I would bring it up to heat on high and then lower the burner to low, and I found that standard cooking times suggested in pressure cooker cookbooks seemed to work pretty well. I had a Magefesa for a while too and it seemed to function similarly, with no significant learning curve.

Now I've got the Duo and I'm finding that generally everything is overcooking. Fagor tells me that I'm supposed to start things on temperature 6 then lower my heat and start timing BEFORE the steam is released (as per the manual) then lower my heat to 2 on my glass electric stove. It's impractical to watch the pot for 7-10 minutes, in my opinion (especially while watching a baby at the same time), but I tried once...and that time I realized at the end of my cooking time that the pressure hadn't even been maintained. I did a cold water pressure release without adding extra time for my chicken, and a food thermometer STILL registered over 200 degrees.
I also have a mix of israeli couscous, italian orzo pasta, baby garbanzo beans and Red quinoa that normally simmers for 10 minutes iwithout the pressure cooker then stands for 8. I took the formula suggested on some sites of using 1/3 of the cooking time, so 3 minutes followed by a quick release. I used the amount of water suggested. And much of the mix was stuck onto the bottom of the pot when I opened the pot (cold water release).

I followed another site's suggestion about finding the lowest setting you can maintain pressure. I tested this after the first little burst of steam. The pin will stay up for 5 minutes with a heat setting of 1 or low, but there is no visible steam, which the manual says is an issue (and the Fagor customer support says I should use #2).

So do I need to cook on the my pressure cooker's low pressure setting? Or use low or 1 instead of 2 as my heat setting to maintain pressure?

I'm so frustrated. Last week I pulled out my old pressure cooker (which was waiting for garbage day) out of the garage, as even though it has now severely warped, and the aluminum has pulled away from the stainless steel, it is way more reliable at a pressure setting of 8 rather than 15.

Any advice? I really hope this isn't my punishment for not going with the Futuro or the Kuhn Rikon...


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