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Fruity beers

erikka | Aug 14, 2006 08:13 PM

And I don't mean lambics or franboise or anything sugary sickingly sweet.

I'm looking for recommendations for beers with subtle fruit flavoring--nothing too sweet or overpoweringly fruit. Generic example - Magic Hat is definitely apricot flavored but the flavoring isn't the first thing you notice when you take a sip (on second thought this is a bad example but nothing else is coming to mind at the moment). Tried Ephemere last night - I liked the dryness of it but it was too sweet. I've tried UFO's fruit beers and Purple Haze - not for me. Bluepoint's Blueberry was drinkable--it had a bit of a hoppy snap to it that balanced well with the strong blueberry scent. What about fruit beers that aren't wheats/whites/ales? I like all of those in the summer, but with fall/winter coming up I tend to go to the darker stuff.

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