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The Fruits of Autumn


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The Fruits of Autumn

Brandon Nelson | Nov 9, 2001 01:54 AM

I had the best pomegranate I have ever eaten the night before last.

That, of course, prompted me to get on the board here with my latest seasonal produce rant.

Those lively berries of the summer monthes are all gone. Peaches and cherries a fading memory. Thankfully the autumnal harvest provides treats worthy of following summer delicacies.

That pomegranate... so nice. The secret to these is buying the ugly ducklings. Splits are good. A mature ripe pomegranate will crack open on it's own. I bought this piece of fruit from an honor stand about half a mile from my parents house. Softball sized and split wide open. So ripe that the seeds were a deep blackish purple. These folks must have some great little fruit trees in their yard. I also got a pint of late harvest figs for a buck.

I have begun a love affair with falls "here and gone" varieties of heirloom apples. Arkansas blacks are my favorites. I love the names; northern spy, black twig, mutsu, wickson, Ozark golden. Let the grannies and the macs sit for a few weeks and indulge in apple flavors you won't soon forget.

Zora touched on pears in a recent thread about boscs. Such sound advice needs no help. Except too add that now is also the time to find great asian pears.

Try some brussles sprouts off the stalk if you can. They rapidly loose their sugar after harvest. There are many hard squashes in sean now. Ditto shelling beans, and sweet potatoes. I am not a persimon lover, but if you are it is time to add them to the table. Sparkling fresh brocoli can be had at the farmers market too. Eat it soon, it also loves sugar rapidly.

I'm sure I overlooked several favorites, but I wanted to get the train moving.


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