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Fruit jellies/gelatin question


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Fruit jellies/gelatin question

Ping | Jun 20, 2002 02:03 PM

Twice in the last few weeks I've seen British cooking show cooks (Nigella and Jamie) making a jelly for dessert. I was especially intrigued by Nigella's, a translucent rose-colored mold made from rhubarb juice. So cool and refreshing for summer. I detest Jell-O and all of its counterparts (memories of family gatherings..."who made the mold?" yelled at nobody in particular.) A real fruit jelly, made with juice and gelatin has a much less rubbery, more, well, fruit-juice-sitting-up-and-wobbling sort of taste. I was wondering if anybody here had any recipes for something like this. I can't seem to find any on British recipe databases; I've found a few American recipes, all spelled "gellee" (blech - reminds me of Bain de Soleil, but I digress), and mostly made from wine or Champagne, which I don't mind at all. Yes, I will eventually, probably, buy Nigella's cook book, but in the meantime, any fruity formulas?

I also have an issue with gelatin. When I made a chocolate mousse sort of thing last year, it called for a measure of powdered gelatin, dissolved in liquid. I could never get it all to dissolve, and we ended up with some rubber cement-y bits in the end. Is sheet gelatin better? Any tips for dissolving the powdered sort?

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