Frozen ice on the OUTSIDE bottom of my freezer: how did it happen?


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Frozen ice on the OUTSIDE bottom of my freezer: how did it happen?

gfr1111 | Jul 20, 2014 05:30 AM

My girlfriend and I own a Samsung refrigerator that is about 18 months old. It is one of those models that have recently become popular where the two doors at the top of the refrigerator swing open like French doors. Below that is a refrigerator drawer with about five inches of clearance for storing soft drinks and cheeses. Below that is a second drawer with several feet of depth which is a conventional freezer.

The two drawers pull out and roll on metal tracks at the sides of the two drawers. They have an "auto close" feature that means that if you pull them out, left alone, they will slowly close on their own.

Now, here's the weird thing: The auto close feature on the bottom drawer, the freezer drawer, stopped working. We thought that maybe we had bent the tracks by putting in too much heavy food or that the tracks had become jammed with some foreign material.

We took all of the food out of the freezer, but the auto close feature still wouldn't work, nor would the freezer drawer pull out or roll in easily. Suddenly, there was a crash and a huge sheet of inch and and a half thick ice fell to the tile floor of our kitchen from the BOTTOM of the freezer. The ice was molded so that the shape of the bottom of the freezer drawer was perfectly outlined in the sheet of ice.

What happened? Where did all that ice come from?

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