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Frozen Gefilte Fish Loaf for Passover?? Baked?

spedprof | Apr 15, 200808:16 AM


I thought I placed this here yesterday, but it seemed to end up on the Home Cooking Board so I reposted it here.

Each year I take a frozen loaf of gefilte fish, place it in a loaf pan, add water up to near the top of the pan, sugar, onions, and carrots. I wrap it tightly with foil and bake it for 1 1/2 hrs. - 2 Hrs. at about 375. I find it easier and less smelly than boiling the laof.

I find very few comments online about this process and wonder if anyone else does it this way. Friends and family rave about the fish!!

Any thoughts?? Someone once commented that the fish explodes but I've never had that problem. Thanks.

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