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A Frozen Appetizer question

heyjude | May 9, 200807:48 PM

Hi; I wasn't sure where to post this question, esp. as it's probably ridiculous. However, I hope someone can help me, so thanks a lot in advance.
I bought a frozen package of onion petals that has a packet of the 'famous' sauce one normally gets when in a restaurant. There are absolutely NO directions or instructions on the box as to whether I should put the packet in the microwave, run it under hot water or what. I couldn't believe it. It's the basic Aussie sauce served with o. petals, but I'm skeptical of just thawing it and pouring it into a ramekin or other container. I just wrote the company, stating they should inform consumers regarding how to heat up the sauce. I'm not sure what's actually in it, either, as I can't read anything with such small print. My mouth is watering for this fattening treat. Has anyone else bought one of these frozen products (Great American) or any other that has a similar sauce with no instructions whatsoever? Lastly, any ideas as to what I should do? Again, thanks so much for any help! :-(

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