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No Frills vs. Food Basics vs. Loblaws vs. Valu-Mart vs. Sobeys vs. Dominion vs. Other

sepandee | Feb 18, 200809:55 PM

This question has been asked once before, but I'd like to get an updated opinion.
I want to have these stores (and possibly others... I remember there was a grocery store on Leslie between Finch and Steeles, for example, but I don't remember the name... i think it had an italian name to it) ranked BY PRICE, and then BY SHOPPING EXPERIENCE, SEPARATELY. I'm talking about average price and average shopping experience: If you bought bundle X (which includes, for example, 50 items) every week from all of these stores, which one would turn out to be the cheapest or the most expensive over the long run? And which one gives you a better shopping experience (service, availability of products, quality of produce, etc.)?

IMHO (and a very inaccurate opinion, as I shop almost exclusively at either Valu-Mart or No Frills and sometimes Sobeys):

1) Price (from cheapest to most expensive): Food Basics and No Frills < Loblaws < Valu-Mart < Sobeys < Domion.

2) Shopping experience (from worst to best): Food Basics < No Frills < Loblaws and Valu-Mart < Dominion.

Please write passionately, and include other stores if you are familiar with them! Cautionary example: If you know there's walmart groceries but have only shopped there only once, then please think twice about stating any opinion on walmart (or any other store, for that matter).

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