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Friends who can’t cook but insist on doing it

Bkeats | Dec 16, 201309:00 AM

Do you have friends who love to cook but are terrible at it? We have two couples that we know and socialize with. We’ve been invited over to dinner at both of their homes. They go through great pains to prepare elaborate meals. The problem is that their cooking is bad. Not just meh, but out and out awful. Painful in the same way when you hear a kid learning to play the clarinet and those off key notes just make you wince. We’re polite and eat what we can, but some of the things that have been prepared were nearly inedible. Its bad enough now that when we’re faced with an invitation from either family, our kids say they’re not going and I’m trying to figure out how we can turn the invitation into a group dinner at a restaurant. They’re wonderful friends, but I think they’ve gotten caught up in the mass foodie culture and want to cook but just can’t seem to figure it out. This is despite classes and professional intervention. So we must grin and bear it. So when I read all these threads that ask how can people not cook and eat out all the time or those who complain about how they host guests at home but never get a reciprocal invitation, all I can think is thank your lucky stars they don’t have you over to their home. They may just be really bad cooks.

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