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Friend only eats chicken - help with education

PickyChicky | Jun 8, 201206:53 PM

I've got a friend who is seriously limited in what he'll eat. He is interested in expanding his horizons, so DH and I are throwing a dinner to help. We're planning to do 8-10 small plates.

I questioned him extensively and discovered the following. He currently eats chicken (primarily), burgers, steaks. Doesn't eat vegetables really - even mashed potatoes. Fries are good. He does like garlic, parmesan, bacon, Mexican flavors and strangely (to me), red curry. No pork other than the bacon or hot dogs or any seafood. To his everlasting credit, he is willing to try almost anything.

Any suggestions for basic kind of 101 foods/preparations? Here's what is on our tentative list....

spring pea soup
caprese salad
seared scallop
shrimp ceviche
raw ahi
pork tenderloin - maybe coffee roasted?
bison steak with mashed potato
some sort of dessert

I feel like there's something that I'm missing. Any ideas?

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