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Fried chicken rant

equilibrist | Oct 8, 2012 06:36 PM

Okay, I'm cranky. What is it about New Yorkers that makes them (and I am one, but I except myself from this category) fawn all over all sorts of mediocre fried chicken? I was raised by a native North Carolinian mother who makes the best fried chicken ever. (Washed and well-dried chicken, a simple shake in a bag of flour and salt, frying in a minimal amount of oil--sauteeing, really.) And yes, I can make it too.

But I get so excited when I read about new fried chicken places in NYC, and inevitably they are incredibly disappointing. Latest case: Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter. I wanted to like this place, but what a letdown. The chicken was moist, yes, but that's because the moisture was trapped inside by the soggy coating. Overbreaded, soggy, not crispy, not much discernible flavor. Blah. Yech. I got the chicken supper plate, which came with a biscuit that I have not much to say about. It wasn't inedible. But it wasn't good. The salad, meanwhile, was pretty awful. Salad out of a bag, with an overly sweet dressing on the side. I didn't try any of the other sides, so I can't comment on those. My main concern is the chicken.

Yes I've tried the Redhead's fried chicken, a couple of times, and though it's been awhile, it wasn't memorable. I can't remember if it was better than, or about the same as, Bobwhite's. But it definitely wasn't great. (I took my mom there once when she was visiting, promising her the best fried chicken in NYC. Upon eating it, she looked at me with some bewilderment and a slightly accusing expression as if to ask why I had promised so much and delivered so little.)

I haven't tried Carmellini's fried chicken at Locanda Verde or the Dutch--and I do love Locanda Verde--but I'm so disheartened by my chicken experiences here that I can't bring myself to do so.

This is mostly a rant. But if anyone has any thoughts about the overpraising of fried chicken in New York, I'd love to hear them.

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