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Best Fried-Chicken?

Bill Hunt | Apr 13, 2008 08:33 PM

After many years of trying, we are running out of ideas, trying to duplicate a fried-chicken recipe, that only I have experienced. My wife, the cook/chef in the family, never had the luxury of tasting this dish. I doubt that any CH subscribers are either old enough, or, if they are, ever had the “best fried chicken in the world,” Alamo Fried Chicken in Biloxi, MS. Going back into the ‘50s and very early ‘60s, a tiny restaurant, Alamo Fried Chicken, did a different sort of take on “Southern Fried-Chicken.” The batter was fried to a dark brown, and was thin, but was rather smooth, when prepared. It had spices, but would never have been considered as “hot.” They did “skin-on” and “bone-in” chicken, and probably did all parts, but I remember the breasts most - probably passed the other cuts to family members.

We’ve tried to work out this recipe, but it’s been based on MY memories. If my wife had ever tasted it, I know that she’d be able to dissect the recipe perfectly. Unfortunately, the place sold. Also unfortunately, the buyer only got the name and the physical building, and not the recipe - it folded soon after.

Every edition of “Southern Living,” or “The Food Network,” or “The Travel Channel,” that features fried-chicken, gets our attention. We’ll try to incorporate aspects of all into our search for Alamo Fried Chicken.

While I still have hopes of duplicating THAT recipe, I am a realist, and not getting any younger. That prologue goes into my question:

What is the BEST fried-chicken, that you have ever had, especially if you have a recipe to accompany it?


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