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your fridge and pantry-anything to eat in there!?

im_nomad | Jan 25, 200804:16 PM

Depending on when i get my groceries (I live alone)....I can have a blocked pantry, spice cupboard and at least a half full fridge...and not one damn thing to actually eat !! lol.

I seem to be a condiment, spice, ingredient etc...hoarder.....Not one shelf in my fridge is empty right now...but it's filled with several different mustards, pickles,olives, dressings, curry pastes, minced things, interesting relishes and chutneys, antipasto's, sauces , jars of artichokes, pestos, etc etc etc. Many are unopened. I tend to find something "interesting", buy it, and stick in the fridge or pantry....just in case....which does work, when i need it !! I can hardly see into my pantry. I have a double door spice/seasoning blends/rubs etc cupboard that is blocked with those as well as soy sauces, oils etc.... Varying specialty sea salts, veggie rubs, peppers etc...line the top of my stove.

I do however, use these all. And i'll mention that i live in an area where many of these things are not easily found.

Most of my space seems to be taken up with stuff that is not actual food !! I just need someone to show up with some pasta or something, lol.

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