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Friday, Saturday, Sunday Rest, Jan 1 vs Four Seasons Fountain - Philly?


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Friday, Saturday, Sunday Rest, Jan 1 vs Four Seasons Fountain - Philly?

Steve R | Dec 14, 2004 04:43 PM

First post here - great site, folks. Yes, I did a search but didn't find a WHOLE lot of info on the Philadelphia restaurant "Friday, Saturday, Sunday". I DID go onto Trip Advisor and some people liked it, others said that since they instituted some new smoking policy that allows smoking, that it's smokey! Also, others have said that it's dated inside, like circa 1984 and a bit cramped. Others have said that unless you're a local, you might get rude service. Why?!? We just want a great meal and not spend a whole lot ($60-70 total, no drinks).

We are going to Philly Jan 31-Jan 2, staying at the Four Seasons (we've never stayed at a FS before as they're typically too much money for us, but this one is $220 per night with my Comcast Cable corp rate so it's not TOO bad). We're going to Budakkan the first night on New Years Eve around 630pm for their standard menu (NOT the $75 p/p special prix fix). The standard menu works perfectly for us as we don't eat alot and don't like to spend too much on food. We're early birds, 43 years (and non drinkers) so we just plan to get in, eat, get out and then relax in the hotel room waiting for the ball to drop on TV! We can't wait! We've heard alot about this place and hope it's ok for din din.

The next night is the dinner of issue - Sat, Jan 1. I've heard "Friday, Saturday, Sunday Restaurant" is good, so we booked that for Saturday night at 630pm. THEN, I checked reviews on the net and some are not so great. Is it decent? I looked into Django, Pasion, Alma de Cuba, and all the others I've seen listed here ad nauseum and I think the simple menu of Fri Sat Sun seems good along with the prices. We're mostly vegetarian eating folk, but sometimes eat meat - though rarely, and just Filet Mignon!

Originally we had and still actually have a reservation for "The Fountain" restaurant at the Four Seasons but once I found out the prices are $40-$60 an entree, my wife said "Forget it"! She doesn't eat that much and doesn't like to spend more than $120 for dinner, ever! I'm thinking we COULD order a 1 entree, 1 salad, 1 appetizer, and 1 dessert splitting everything at the FS and still be under that amount. We usually just split an entree anyway when the portions are large. It would be better to spend ALOT less on dinner than $120, but we could stretch up to that amount. It sounds like an intense, most excellent experience to eat at the FS Philly Fountain Restaurant even if we split some items vs each getting an entree at a place like Fri Sat Sunday... Yes? No?

In all actuality, we usually don't spend more than about $50-60 max when we go out total, unless it's a special occasion. Last month we did dinner at the Borgata in Atlantic City at the Old Homestead Steakhouse and it was $120 total, our absolute max. We don't think food is typically worth this much to us, really. And we only drink water for drinks!

So, is our idea of just trying Fri, Sat, Sun still a good one? Or eat at the Four Season's Fountain and simply order 1 entree, 1 app, 1 salad and 1 dessert?

Thanks for wading through our longwinded message,

Steve R
Silver Spring MD

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